FUNdamental : Kids Out of School

The winter break is here. That means the kids are out of school and most of them have a winter packet or sleeping in for two weeks straight.

Make the most out of these breaks and go for the gold and spend some time with your kids this holiday break. You can pick one day or cram it and be your kid’s best friend for two weeks.


Play Games

Planning games after work with your kids during the break can really grow your bond more than ever. Board games, DIY Jeopardy, or outdoor activities indoors (Glow in the dark bowling )

Teach your child Something New

Teach your child a skill that they can have forever is a memory they can hold on too. Whether it’s cookingcrafts, or coding

Kids choice

Let your kid teach you something that they love. By doing this, your child will build up the confidence in themselves to take on the world.

Build Something 

Get out the Legos, Erector sets, and K’nex set and go crazy. Her is 75+ ideas, hacks, and tips for your Legos.


You always have time to have your kids thing of others. So here are some great ideas:

  • Make Christmas cards for the family
  • Make cookie for the neighbors
  • Helping someone

Click here for a free calendar

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