Trading Skills: Size Chart for Plans

It’s never a bad idea to give a helping hand.  Learning new skills in this industry can help you better yourself and others to accomplish a bigger goal. 

After having a open discussion with the drafting team, I learned to get better with picking view sizes for my drawing sheets. The senior drafter, who took board drafting, explained how having consistence and size proportion is the key to having a visually, a great set of plans.

Here is a chart that gave me a starting point when scaling a drawing.



This references for every [blank] inch is equal to [blank] feet.

Scale Factor: 

This references for 1 unit on the plotted sheet is equal to real world units. For example, [1/8″=1′-0″] = [8/1 * 12= scale factor is 96 ] or [1″=10′-0″] = [12 * 10= scale factor is 120 ].

I have learnt that it really a matter of preference. But start with knowing what you want to illustrate on the sheet and then size your drawing from there. Sometimes you can get boxed into a overall or partial scale but you can really bring things to light in your enlarged views.

FYI: The shape of your building and/or site matters for scaling your views as well. So, play around with the different types of scales until it works.

Click here for a free print out

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