Friday FUNdamentals: Designer Toolbox

The end of the year is upon us, so that means to restock on office supply. Here are the basic supplies for all Architects, Engineers, and Construction designers.

(This post is not a sponsored post.)

Drawing Tools (Pens) 

If you don’t have your computer handy, going back to the basic is never a bad idea. I am a huge Papermate pen person but after reading this post I am up to going on a pen adventure. See The Design Sketchbook for the best pens for sketching.

Designing Toolbox (Paper)

Whatever niche your in, sketch paper and engineering paper should be on your list. I use sketch paper of plan drawing and the engineering paper for details.

Designing Toolbox (Calculator) 

Having a calculator that is Professional Exam testing approved is never a bad idea.

Designing Toolbox (Books)

Learning new styles and new ways helps our industry evolve over time. So, one of my New Years resolutions is to really get better with my designing. So, I decided to get The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings to push myself to the next level.

Designing Toolbox (Programs)

Having plug-in always helps the finished product look spectacular. Loving Ensacape plugin for Revit. Check them out at Enscape.

Have a great weekend!

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