How To Start Your Design Portfolio?

I was always taught you learn by doing. Every day I roll up my sleeves and find new ways to better myself for my career, my family, and me.

Let’s face it, starting a portfolio is not only difficult but time-consuming. If you are at the beginning of your career this maybe a little less hectic than someone who has been in the industry for 5, 10, or 15 years.

Where do you start?

Here are the 8 steps I have learned to start a design portfolio!

1. Make the List: First write down all the projects you have worked on in your career. Next to each project list out your tasks/assignments. Do not worry if it was a small task, in design, small tasks help with every part of the project.

2. Separate The Projects: Separate the projects into categories like: public and private or by industry. Separating your pile of projects showcases the different industries in your career. See if these projects have finished photos or drive to the site and take some fresh new ones.

3. Consent: Ask your principal engineer or architect if the private jobs in your career,  can be on social media? You can ask for permission to use these projects or you can write a general description about it. You never want to risk anything.

4. Hero Projects: What were these projects about? How were you the hero of the project? Writing a small description about the projects showcasing how you showed value not only to the project, but to your company is a plus.

5. Book Smarts: You earned it. What is your educational background? This is the easy part. Listing out your education and certificates. If you were apart of different organizations add that too.

6. The Drive: What are your interest? What part of the project did you really find a connection with? What drives you to the next level to complete the job and do it to a high standard.

7. Skills: What are your skills? Programs are a key component to complete the work. What programs do you use to put out your best work. If you need help with the best programs, click here to see what programs you should be learning.

8. Reference: Do you have anyone that can make a quote on your behalf? If you have encounters with the staff of the design team, see if they are happy to send a quote about your work.

If you focus on these key areas, your portfolio will unfold in no time.

What are your design portfolio tip? Click here to get your free worksheet.

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