Setting Your Life’s Priorities in 3 Easy Steps

I was always taught you learn by doing. Every day I roll up my sleeves and find new ways to better myself for my career, my family, and me.

The world continuously drags our lives from one area to another which spin around same three key components of everyone’s life: WORK, FAMILY, AND LIFE. Being one of millions of women out there to say it is tough to find the time to manage yourself and the people around you.

Six months after graduation, I realized I have become a true definition of an intern. My hair was in a pony-tail, my clothes were clean (Thank God), but I keep feeling like I am always behind not only at work but in life.

After one of many Women in AEC event, I finally sat with one of these amazing women and ask, “How do you do it?” She laughed. Not at me but because she too had gone through a similar situation in life. She stated, “My life priorities are the only thing that is keeping me in line.” What she meant by that was your priorities help you navigate through your life decisions and instead of you being reactive to live decisions you are now proactive in live decisions.

Here are the key step by step she pasted on to me:

Deep Breathes

Take a step back and breath.  On those tough “cry in the bathroom” days, I programmed myself to say 8 simple words every time. LIFE WILL NOT WIN TODAY, MY HAPPINESS WILL. Knowing you have a plan and your priorities in order you can lower your stress levels and in all making a better clearer decision

By relaxing your brain can react according. Process your situation at hand to better understand what you are dealing with. Having your priorities handy and ready to go

Listing Priorities

Focus on your life obligations, the items that are critical of your attention, and that recharges your life. Make a category for each of them. For example, my rotating top priorities are my job, my family, and me then my second tier is relatives, friends, coworkers and my final tier is miscellaneous items like school/church/work events.  Here are some helpful questions that can help you: How do you survivor life? Who depends on you? If something went wrong, who do you call on? You revise your spirit to help you fight another day and you love being with?

Back-up Priorities

Out of the first tier you can pitch in help when I am unable to leave my current situation. I also separate these into three different categories.

Tier 2A; Who can help me long-term? Say you child gets a common cold at 9am and you’re at a job site 45 mins to an hour away. who can you call upon, Is it your spouse, relative, a nanny to get them and stay with them for a day until you get home at 5.

Tier 2B: Who can assist for a couple of hours? Say your spouse broke their leg and your last task is make PDFs for your submissions. What coworker can you turn to do the task.

Tier 2C: Who can help with life’s unknown? Say the you forgot the plumb was coming today and you are tied down at work or at an event for your family. Who can sit for a few hours and give you updates? Could be a friend, a relative, or a neighbor.

So, what are your priorities? Click here to get your free worksheet.

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