5 Hobbies for busy professional women 

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Become a Food critic 

Find a Theme: for example me and my husband decided we were going to find what restaurant had the best oysters in the city. 


Explore other areas of cooking that you are not formally with. For example, I love cooking dinner but I not good at making breakfast. So I decided to focus in on breakfast.

Wall climbing 

This was the most fulfilling active and supportive. Find a partner that can cheer you on and push yourself to the next level.

Art project 

Find a small project that can be a great stress reliever like painting, wreaths making, or jewelry making. 


What can I say? Girls night with alcohol and hot wings is a great hobby. Getting together once or twice a month will not be to draining on your schedule.
All of these great hobbies can be accomplished in one to two hours. 

I hope this helps,

Styling science 

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